The 3rd International Conference on the Flat Dilatometer
Rome 14-16 June 2015


Conference Topics


Settlement prediction
Detection and characterization of liquefiable layers
Tailings dams parameters and analysis
Compaction control
Using the combination DMT + CPT to estimate parameters or performance
Detecting slip surfaces in slopes
Laterally loaded piles
Diaphragm walls design
FEM input parameters
Theoretical and numerical analysis of the DMT
Shear wave velocity and Earthquake resistant design
Measurements of the P-Wave by direct push probes
Correlations and comparisons with other lab or in situ tests
Difficult soils (nearly liquid, crushable, residual, cemented, expansive etc.)
Offshore execution of DMT
In situ G-γ decay curves
Other geotechnical problems using the soil parameters for which the DMT provides estimates.